2015 Year in Review

This year will probably go down as the most important year in my investing journey. After running into so many issues getting financing for my properties, I was able to secure a private investor. This relationship allows me to buy properties for cash, renovate them, get them rented and then eventually refinance the property as part of a larger rental portfolio. I added two single family properties and one duplex to the portfolio this year. One of the houses was purchased in 2014 with the intention of flipping, but after my first flip experience and my new investor, I was able to add it to the rental portfolio.

Amount Invested$47,076$26,338$26,586$100,000
Appraised Value$169,000$239,000$616,000$616,000
Mortgage Balance$119,214$150,919$407,846$407,846
Gross Rental Income$7,003$44,235$66,397$117,635
Net Operating Income$2,982$29,747$36,486$69,215
Cash Flow by Property
Property 1$1,434$2,208$2,885$6,527
Property 2$259$5,880$854$6,993
Property 3 (Duplex)$-87$6,761$5,837$12,512
Property 4-$4,265$4,408$8,673
Property 5--$281$281
Property 6--$1,558$1,558
Property 7 (Duplex)--$2,356$2,356
Total Cash Flow$1,606$19,114$18,178$38,898
Units at end of Year459
Unit Profit Per Month $1,606$1,677$1,880

I personally invested another $26k into the business this year, bringing my three year total to $100k. I’ve turned that $100k into $208k in real estate equity and $38k in cash flow over the three years.

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